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1. Chashei I.V., Lukmanov V.R., Tyul'bashev S.A., Tokumaru M., "Dynamics of the solar wind speed on the descending phase of 24 solar activity cycle from simultaneous IPS observations at 111 and 327 MHz", Solar Physics (submitted)

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2. Link to download Short data for astrophysical practicum (password: IeyaeBie4I)

3. Tyul'bashev S.A. et al., "Investigation of four roating radio transients properties at the frequency of 111 MHz" (submitted to MNRAS)

readme    J0640+07   J1005+30    J1132+25    J1336+33   

4. T. V. Smirnova, S. A. Tyul'bashev, E. A. Brylyakova, et al., «Pushchino multibeam pulsar search - II. Long-term variability of RRATs», 2021, submitted to MNRAS

readme    J0139+33   J0302+22    J0317+13    J0609+16    J0640+07    J0659+14   
J1005+30    J1132+25    J1336+33    J1404+11    J1502+28    J1538+33    J1848+15   
J2051+12    J2105+19    J2209+22    ACF.ps    ACFt.ps    Npuls_days.ps   

5. Mexico data (password: IeyaeBie4I)

6. Tyul'bashev S.A. et al., "Revisiting to Pushchino RRAT search with neural network" (submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics)

readme    result  (password: IeyaeBie4I)

7. Tyul'bashev S.A. et al., "Pushchino multibeam pulsar search: I. Targeted search of weak pulsars" (submitted to MNRAS)

readme_1916+3224.pdf    result    program   (password: IeyaeBie4I)

8. Toropov M.O., Tyul’bashev S.A., Smirnova T.V., Samodurov V.A., Ovchinnikov I.L, "Study of the variability and components of the pulsar B0823+26 pulse radiation at a frequency of 111 MHz» (submitted to MNRAS)

readme    data  

9. Tyul’bashev S.A., Chashei I.V., Kitaeva M.A. «Interplanetary scintillation and pulsar pulse statistics», (submitted to MNRAS).


10. М. А. Тимиркеева, И. Ф. Малов «Углы между магнитным моментом и осью вращения в радиопульсарах с жестким излучением»

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