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XLII Young European Radio Astronomers Conference
Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory
18-21 September 2012, Pushchino, Russia
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  2012 YERAC will take place in Pushchino (Moscow region, Russia) – the oldest place in Russia dealing with radio astronomy. Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory was built here over 56 years ago, and nowadays it is a part of Astro Space Centre of Lebedev Physical Institute.
  Pushchino is located about 120 km from Moscow centre to the south and 1 hour drive down a Simferopolsky highway M2.
  Participants of the conference will be hosted at Tzargrad Hotel, located about 5km from the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory on the bank of Oka river.
  We are planning to organize transfer from Moscow international airports – Sheremetyevo ( and Domodedovo ( to the hotel.
  All conference sessions will take place at Tzargrad Hotel, where participants will be accommodating, excepting one day when we are planning to visit observatory.
  Additional information about ways how to get to the Pushchino, transfers from Moscow etc. will be posted here later.