Sternberg Astronomical Institute 


in the context of the 27th Annual Pushchino Conference
"Modern Problems for Extragalactic Astronomy"

May 31 - June 04, 2010
Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia

List of Participants
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Anastasya Kasparova

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  Dynamics of the stellar and gaseous components in disc galaxies.

  Disc structure and formation of substructures, such as bulges, bars, spirals, rings, etc.

  The effect of dark matter on disc galaxy evolution.

  Star formation in relation with other properties of disc galaxies.

  Chemical versus dynamical evolution.

  All the above will be discussed from both the theoretical and observational point of view.

  Scientific Organizing Committee

  Pfenniger, Daniel Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland (co-chair)
  Zasov, Anatoly SAI MSU, Russia (co-chair)
  Athanassoula, Lia OAMP, France
  Binney, James Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theor.Physics, Oxford, UK
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Gennady Space Res. Inst., Russia
  Buta, Ron Univ.of Alabama, USA
  Davies, Richard Max-Plank Inst., Germany
  Elmegreen, Bruce T.J.Watson Res.Center, USA
  Emsellem, Eric ESO, Germany
  Freeman, Ken RSAA, Australia
  Fridman, Alex Inst. of Astron., RAS, Russia
  Gerhard, Ortwin, Max-Plank Inst., Germany
  Kewley, Lisa IFA, Hawaii, USA
  Lee, Janice Carnegie observatories, USA
  Ossipkov Leonid Pulkovo Obs., RAS, Russia
  Sheth, Katrik Caltech, USA
  Sil’chenko, Olga SAI MSU, Russia

  Invited speakers

  Victor Debattista University of Central Lancashire, UK
  Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez Instituto de Astrofisica de
  Canarias/University of Central Lancashire, Spain / UK

  Qi Guo ICC Durham, UK
  Hyun-chul Lee University of Texas-Pan American, USA
  Lisa Kewley University of Hawaii, USA
  Lia Athanassoula LAM, France
  Alexei Moiseev SAO RAS, Russia
  Alexei Rastorguev SAI MSU, Russia
  Igor Chilingarian Observatoire de Strasbourg / SAI MSU,
  France / Russia

  Yuri Shchekinov Southern Federal University, Russia
  Vladimir Korchagin Southern Federal University, Russia
  Xiaolei Zhang George Mason University, USA
  Fabio Bresolin Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii, USA
  Samir Salim National Optical Astronomy Observatory, USA
  Gadotti Dimitri ESO, Chile

  Local Organizing Committee

  Dagkesamanskii, Rustam (co-chair) Pushchino RAO, Russia
  Voloshina, Irina (co-chair) SAI MSU, Russia
  Kasparova, Nastya SAI MSU, Russia
  Saburova, Anya SAI MSU, Russia
  Katkov, Ivan SAI MSU, Russia
  Izvekova V.A. Pushchino RAO, Russia
  Shoutenkov V.R. Pushchino RAO, Russia