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The Isaac Newton Institute of Chile (INI) established its Pushchino Branch in May, 2002. The formal Agreement was signed with Prof. R.Dagkesamanskii, the Head of the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The staff of the Pushchino Branch of INI consists of members of the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory (PRAO).

Founded in 1956, PRAO is one of the greatest centers of the world radio astronomy. Three radio telescopes operate here: RT-22 constructed in 1959, DCR-1000 (since 1964), and BSA (since 1974). The last one is the most sensitive radio instrument in the world up to now in the meter wave range.

The main scientific activities of the PRAO staff members are in the fields of pulsars, interplanetary and interstellar media, and extragalactic sources.

Moreover they work out radio astronomical receivers and antennas and programs for the control of instruments, processing and analysis of obtained data.


Casilla 8-9, Correo 9, Santiago, Chile


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